Pantographs are devices for current collecting from catenary. They could be divided on low or high speed pantographs, low or high current pantographs, etc…

Minel General Electric developed its own brend, known as pantographs GPN series.
GPN pantographs are primarly used for electric vehicles like locos, trains, trams maximum speed up to 160 km/h

  • GPN1 pantograph for Bo-Bo heavy freight locos
  • GPN2 pantograph for Co-Co heavy freight locos
  • GPN3 for heavy trams
  • GPN4 za light trams
  • GPN5 i GPN6 pantograph for high speed locos (in development)
  • GPN7 high power mine locos and
  • GPN8 low power mine locos

Their common characteristics is robust, strong construction, which provides continuous pantograph force to catenary.

Pantographs GPN series could be equipped with (Auto Drop Device) ADD in order to protect catenary due pantograph sledges damage.

They could be equipped with sledges for low or high current.

If catenary voltage is 25 kV AC or less, pantographs are driven by pneumatic cilynder (GPN1 and GPN2), or pneumatic paunch (GPN5 and GPN6).

If catenary voltage is up to 1,5 kV DC, pantographs are driven by electric motor (GPN3, GPN7 and GPN8).

Technical datasheet:

Nominal current: 

  • 600A, low current
  • 1400A, high current

Maximal current:

  • 800A, low current
  • 1700A, high current

Contac force:

  • 55 – 70 N, adjustable

Nominal voltage:

  • 25kV AC, GPN1,GPN2 GPN5 and GPN6
  • 750V DC, GPN3 and GPN4
  • 1200V DC, GPN7 and GPN8


  • 140kg ± 3%

Minel General Electric successfully refurbishes all the types of pantographs even unstandard.